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This article contains a list of encyclopedias, including projects to create new works. Because the number of works that can be considered encyclopedias is very large, this list does not attempt to be comprehensive.


[edit] Encyclopedias before 1700

[edit] Encyclopedias published 1700–1800

[edit] French encyclopedias

[edit] German encyclopedias

[edit] Encyclopedias published 1800–1900

[edit] Specialist encyclopedias

[edit] American encyclopedias

[edit] Dutch encyclopedias

[edit] French encyclopedias

Dictionnaires généraux, universels, encyclopédiques, et autres… A bibliography of French encyclopedias up to Larousse.

[edit] German encyclopedias

[edit] Swedish encyclopedias

[edit] Encyclopedias published 1900–present

[edit] American encyclopedias

[edit] Chinese encyclopedias

[edit] Dutch encyclopedias

[edit] French encyclopedias

[edit] German encyclopedias

[edit] Iranian encyclopedias

[edit] Italian encyclopedias

[edit] Religious encyclopedias

Unitarian-Universalist Encyclopedia ( )

[edit] Russian encyclopedias

[edit] Swedish encyclopedias

  • Nordisk familjebok (editions 2-4 of 20+ volumes each, 1904-1957)
  • Svensk uppslagsbok (2 editions, 31 and 32 volumes, 1929-1955)
  • Kunskapens bok (6 editions, 8 or 9 volumes each, 1937-1959)
  • Focus (5 volumes, 1958-1960, introducing a new era of smaller modular encyclopedias, several later editions)
  • Bra Böckers Lexikon (4 editions of 25 volumes each, 1973-1995)
  • Bonniers familjelexikon (20 volumes, 1983-1986)
  • Nationalencyklopedin (20 volumes, 1989-1996)
  • Lexikon 2000 (25 volumes, 1995)

[edit] General

[edit] Printed works

[edit] English language

[edit] Spanish language

[edit] Other languages

[edit] On CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and/or the Internet

[edit] Website only

[edit] Specialized

[edit] National, regional, ethnic or cultural

[edit] Africa

[edit] Australian

[edit] Austria

[edit] Belarus

[edit] Canadian

[edit] Croatia

[edit] Iranian

[edit] London

[edit] New Zealand

[edit] Poland

[edit] Slovenia

[edit] South Asia

[edit] United States

[edit] Subject

[edit] Art

[edit] Entertainment

[edit] Fiction (or fictional)

[edit] History and biography

[edit] Judaism

[edit] Literature

[edit] Mathematics

[edit] Medicine

[edit] Music

  • Enciclopedia della musica, 2001-2005, edited by Jean-Jacques Nattiez, in 5 volumes. Collection of in-depth essays rather than brief, dictionary-like entries.

[edit] Philosophy

[edit] Religion (other)

[edit] Science

[edit] Sports

[edit] Other

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List of encyclopedias

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