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Image:Djibouti sm03.png
Map of Djibouti

This is a list of cities in Djibouti ordered by population. All settlements with a population over 1,000 are included.

Cities in Djibouti
Rank Name Population Region
Transcription Arabic
1 Djibouti City جيبوتي 623,891 Djibouti City
2 Ali Sabieh على صبيح 40,074 Ali Sabieh Region
3 Tadjourah تاجورة 22,193 Tadjourah Region
4 Obock أوبوك 17,776 Obock Region
5. Dikhil دخيل 12,043 Dikhil Region
6. Arta ارتا 6,025 Arta Region
7. Holhol 3,519 Ali Sabieh Region
8. Dorra 1,873 Tadjourah Region
9. Galafi 1,849 Dikhil Region
10. Loyada 1,646 Arta Region
11. Alaili Dadda 1,456 Obock Region

[edit] Other cities

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