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St. Paul's from the South

London has many famous churches and cathedrals, in a density unmatched anywhere else in England. Before the Great Fire of London in 1666, the City of London alone had over 107 churches in an area of only one square mile (2.6 km²). Of the 86 destroyed by the Fire, 51 were rebuilt along with St Paul's Cathedral. The majority have traditionally been regarded as the work of Sir Christopher Wren, but although their rebuilding was entrusted primarily to him, the role of his various associates, including Robert Hooke and Nicholas Hawksmoor especially, is currently being reassessed and given greater emphasis. The designs of the Wren office have provided a benchmark for church architecture ever since. Their character of pragmatism and fitness for purpose combined with a joyous inventiveness do seem to reflect Wren's personality in particular.

Wren also designed a number of churches outside the City, including St. James's Piccadilly and St. Clement Danes. After Wren, Hawksmoor was by common consent London's most significant church architect, being responsible in his own right for six great churches of which most still stand in the East End of London.

London's churches are extraordinarily numerous and diverse. Most lie within the Anglican dioceses of London to the north and the Southwark to the south. There are still some two thousand churches across the capital, of every age and style, to the design and evolution of which at least six hundred different architects have made contributions.

As London expanded during the early 19th century, many new churches were built to cater for the growing urban population; the "Waterloo churches" programme, for example, saw numerous churches constructed across south London in the first half of the century.

Although many churches were lost entirely or in part to 19th century demolitions and to bombing in the Second World War, London's churches are still renowned worldwide for their historical and architectural value.

Today, London's greatest concentrations of historic churches and cathedrals are in the City of London and the neighbouring City of Westminster.

A number of the churches are mentioned in the nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons.


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[edit] Churches which do not meet in traditional Church buildings

Growing numbers of London churches do not own their own buildings. Many meet in schools or community halls. Some of the more unusual venues include:-

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List of churches in London

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