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This is a list of people associated with Imperial Russia, the Soviet Union, and Russia of today. For a long time Russia has been a multinational country, and many people of different nationalities contributed to its culture, to its glory, and to its sorrow. They may be ethnic Ukrainians (like Nikolai Gogol and Milla Jovovich), Georgians (like Stalin and Georgi Daneliya), Belarusians (like Kazimir Malevich), Tatars (like Rudolf Nureyev), Azerbaijanis (like Kerim Kerimov and Uzeyir Hajibeyov), Jews (like Trotsky and Maya Plisetskaya), Poles (like Vaslav Nijinsky), Armenians (like Aram Katchaturian), Germans (like Catherine the Great), Danish (like Vitus Bering and Vladimir Dal), Italians (like Karl Briullov), Greeks (like John Capodistria), Romanians (like Mikhail Kheraskov), Frenchmen (like Marius Petipa), Dutchmen (like Sergius Witte), Portuguese (like Anton de Vieira), or, naturally, ethnic Russians. Sometimes their exact ancestry is unknown. Sometimes their formal nationality was written down at random or for political or other reasons. They may have emigrated or immigrated, and thus may appear in other "Lists of...", but nevertheless their names are linked to the words "Russia", "Russian".


[edit] Art

[edit] Architects

[edit] Artists

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[edit] Authors

See also List of Russian authors, which lists authors who wrote in Russian language.

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[edit] Film directors

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[edit] Musicians and Composers

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[edit] Performing Arts

[edit] Theatre Directors

[edit] Performers

[edit] Poets

(who wrote much of their poetry in the Russian language, see List of Russian language poets)

[edit] Cosmonauts

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[edit] Explorers

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[edit] Statesmen and military

[edit] Before 1917

[edit] Royal

See also Tsar for the list of old Russian rulers

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[edit] Politicians and diplomats

See also List of Russian Foreign Ministers

[edit] After 1917

[edit] Heads of state

[edit] Revolution, politics and state figures

See List of socialists: Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, Communists.
See White Russians for opponents of Bolsheviks.
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[edit] M-Z

[edit] Military

See also List of people associated with World War II: Soviet Union.
See also List of Marshals of the Soviet Union.
See also List of Russian Field Marshals.

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[edit] Sport

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[edit] Former Soviet Union

During the times of the Soviet Union nationals of other constituent republics were traditionally known as "Russians" in the West. Some of them were even known under Russian or Russified names. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union they have now become known under their various nationalities.

[edit] List of people by Russian subdivision/nationalities

[edit] List of people by Russian cities

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List of Russians

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