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The List of Queens of Scotland concerns the Kingdom of Scotland, which was first unified as a state by Kenneth I of Scotland in 843. It ceased to exist as an independent kingdom in 1707, when it was merged with the Kingdom of England.

All Scottish monarchs held the title King of Scots or Queen of Scots, with the exception of the final three: William III, Mary II and Anne used the style "of Scotland" rather than "of Scots" (see Style of the monarchs of Scotland).

This list refers to the consorts or Queens in her own right of Scotland, and it must be completed.


[edit] House of Moray

[edit] House of Dunkeld

[edit] House of Sverre

[edit] First Interregnum 1290–1292

[edit] House of Balliol (Bailiol)

[edit] Second Interregnum 1296–1306

[edit] House of Bruce (Bruis)

[edit] House of Stewart (French: Stuart; Gælic: Stiubhart)

From 1707, the titles King of Scots and Queen of Scots are incorrect. Hence, this list runs up to 1707; for monarchs after that date, see list of monarchs in the British królowe

List of Queens of Scotland

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