List of Prime Ministers of the Netherlands

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The Netherlands
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[edit] List

This is a list of prime minister of the Netherlands since 1848.

Start End Name Party
25 March 1848 21 November 1848Gerrit Schimmelpenninck conservative
21 November 1848 1 November 1849Jacob de Kempenaer conservative liberal
1 November 1849 19 April 1853Johan Rudolf Thorbecke liberal
19 April 1853 1 July 1856Floris Adriaan van Hall liberal
1 July 1856 18 March 1858Justinus van der Brugghen anti-revolutionary
18 March 1858 23 February 1860Jan Jacob Rochussen conservative
23 February 1860 14 March 1861Floris Adriaan van Hall conservative liberal
14 March 1861 10 November 1861Jacob van Zuylen van Nijevelt conservative liberal
10 November 1861 1 February 1862Schelto van Heemstra liberal
1 February 1862 10 February 1866Johan Rudolf Thorbecke liberal
10 February 1866 1 June 1866Isaäc Dignus Fransen van de Putte conserative
1 June 1866 4 June 1868Julius van Zuylen van Nijevelt conservative
4 June 1868 4 January 1871Pieter Philip van Bosse liberal
4 January 1871 6 July 1872Johan Rudolf Thorbecke liberal
6 July 1872 27 August 1874Gerrit de Vries Azn liberal
27 August 1874 3 November 1877Jan Heemskerk Azn conservative
3 November 1877 20 August 1879Johannes Kappeyne van de Coppello liberal
20 August 1879 23 April 1883Theo van Lynden van Sandenburg conservative protestant
23 April 1883 21 April 1888Jan Heemskerk Azn conservative
23 April 1888 21 August 1891Æneas MackayARP
21 August 1891 9 May 1894Gijsbert van Tienhoven liberal
9 May 1894 27 July 1897Joan Röell conservative liberal
27 July 1897 1 August 1901Nicolaas PiersonLU
1 August 1901 17 August 1905Abraham KuyperARP
17 August 1905 12 February 1908Theo de MeesterLU
12 February 1908 29 August 1913Theo HeemskerkARP
29 August 1913 9 September 1918Pieter Cort van der Linden liberal
9 September 1918 4 August 1925Charles Ruys de BeerenbrouckRKSP
4 August 1925 8 March 1926Hendrik ColijnARP
8 March 1926 10 August 1929Dirk Jan de GeerCHU
10 August 1929 26 May 1933Charles Ruys de BeerenbrouckRKSP
26 May 1933 10 August 1939Hendrik ColijnARP
10 August 1939 3 September 1940Dirk Jan de GeerCHU
3 September 1940 June 24 1945Pieter GerbrandyARP
June 24 1945 July 3 1946Willem SchermerhornVDB / PvdA
July 3 1946 August 7 1948Louis BeelKVP
August 7 1948 December 22 1958Willem DreesPvdA
December 22 1958 May 19 1959Louis BeelKVP
May 19 1959 July 24 1963Jan de QuayKVP
July 24 1963 April 14 1965Victor MarijnenKVP
April 14 1965 November 22 1966Jo CalsKVP
November 22 1966 April 5 1967Jelle ZijlstraARP
April 5 1967 July 6 1971Piet de JongKVP
July 6 1971 May 11 1973Barend BiesheuvelARP
May 11 1973 December 19 1977Joop den UylPvdA
December 19 1977 November 4 1982Dries van AgtCDA
November 4 1982 August 22 1994Ruud LubbersCDA
August 22 1994 July 22 2002Wim KokPvdA
July 22 2002 presentJan Peter BalkenendeCDA

[edit] Time line

This is a time line of Dutch prime ministers since 1848. Note that the colours denote parties

██ CDA ██ PvdA ██ KVP ██ ARP and anti-revolutionaries ██ CHU ██ LU and liberals ██ Conservatives


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DateFormat = yyyy Period = from:1847 till:2006 TimeAxis = orientation:vertical ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:5 start:1850

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 bar:Leaders color:red width:25 mark:(line,grey) align:left fontsize:S shift:($dx,0)
  from:1847 till:1848  color:purple  text:Gerrit Schimmelpenninck 
  from:1848 till:1849  color:blue  text:Jacob De Kempenaer 
  from:1849 till:1853  color:blue text:Johan Thorbecke 
  from:1853 till:1856  color:purple   text:Floris Adriaan Van Hall
  from:1856 till:1858  color:orange  text:Justinus Van der Brugghen 
  from:1858 till:1860  color:purple  text:Jan Jacob Rochussen
  from:1860 till:1861  color:purple   text:Floris Adriaan Van Hall 
  from:1861 till:1861  text: Jacob van Zuylen van Nijevelt
  from:1861 till:1862  color:purple  text:Schelto baron van Heemstra 
  from:1862 till:1866  color:blue text:Johan Thorbecke 
  from:1866 till:1866                text:Isaäc Dignus Fransen van de Putte 
  from:1866 till:1868  color:blue  text:Julius van Zuylen van Nijevelt
  from:1868 till:1871  color:blue  text:Pieter Philip van Bosse
  from:1871 till:1872  color:blue text:Johan Thorbecke
  from:1872 till:1874  color:blue  text:Gerrit de Vries Azn.
  from:1874 till:1877  color:purple    text:Jan Heemskerk Azn
  from:1877 till:1879  color:blue  text:Johannes Kappeyne van de Coppello 
  from:1879 till:1883  color:purple  text:Theo van Lynden van Sandenburg 
  from:1883 till:1888  color:purple    text:Jan Heemskerk Azn
  from:1888 till:1891  color:yellow  text:Aeneas Mackay jr. 
  from:1891 till:1894  color:blue  text:Gijsbert van Tienhoven 
  from:1894 till:1897  color:purple  text:Joan Röell 
  from:1897 till:1901  color:blue  text:Nicolaas Pierson 
  from:1901 till:1905  color:orange  text:Abraham Kuyper 
  from:1905 till:1908  color:blue  text:Theo de Meester 
  from:1908 till:1913  color:orange  text:Theo Heemskerk 
  from:1913 till:1918  color:blue  text:Pieter Cort van der Linden 
  from:1918 till:1925  color:yellow   text:Charles Ruys de Beerenbrouck
  from:1925 till:1926  color:orange   text:Hendrik Colijn    
  from:1926 till:1929  color:pink    text:Dirk Jan de Geer
  from:1929 till:1933  color:yellow   text:Charles Ruys de Beerenbrouck 
  from:1933 till:1939  color:orange   text:Hendrik Colijn 
  from:1939 till:1940  color:pink   text:Dirk Jan de Geer 
  from:1940 till:1945  color:orange  text:Pieter Gerbrandy 
  from:1945 till:1946  color:red  text:Willem Schermerhorn 
  from:1946 till:1948  color:yellow   text:Louis Beel 
  from:1948 till:1958  color:red  text:Willem Drees 
  from:1958 till:1959  color:yellow   text:Louis Beel 
  from:1959 till:1963  color:yellow  text:Jan de Quay 
  from:1963 till:1965  color:yellow  text:Victor Marijnen 
  from:1965 till:1966  color:yellow  text:Jo Cals 
  from:1966 till:1967  color:orange  text:Jelle Zijlstra 
  from:1967 till:1971  color:yellow  text:Piet de Jong 
  from:1971 till:1973  color:orange  text:Barend Biesheuvel 
  from:1973 till:1977  color:red  text:Joop den Uyl 
  from:1977 till:1982  color:green  text:Dries van Agt 
  from:1982 till:1994  color:green  text:Ruud Lubbers 
  from:1994 till:2002  color:red  text:Wim Kok 
  from:2002 till:end   color:green  text:Jan Peter Balkenende


Prime Ministers of the Netherlands Image:Flag of the Netherlands.svg
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List of Prime Ministers of the Netherlands

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