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African Writers (by country):

This is a list of prominent and notable literary figures from the African continent, listed by country, including poets, novelists, children's writers, essayists, and scholars, listed by country.


[edit] Algeria

[edit] Angola

[edit] Benin

[edit] Botswana

[edit] Burkina Faso

[edit] Burundi

[edit] Cameroon

[edit] Cape Verde

[edit] Central African Republic

[edit] Chad

[edit] Congo (Brazzaville)

[edit] Congo (Democratic Republic)– formerly Zaïre

[edit] Côte d'Ivoire

[edit] Djibouti

[edit] Egypt

[edit] Equatorial Guinea

[edit] Eritrea

[edit] Ethiopia

[edit] Gabon

[edit] The Gambia

[edit] Ghana

[edit] Guinea

[edit] Guinea-Bissau

[edit] Kenya

[edit] Lesotho

[edit] Liberia

[edit] Libya

[edit] Madagascar

[edit] Malawi

[edit] Mali

[edit] Mauritania

[edit] Mauritius

[edit] Morocco

[edit] Mozambique

[edit] Niger

[edit] Nigeria

See: List of Nigerian writers

[edit] Rwanda

[edit] São Tomé and Príncipe

[edit] Senegal

See: List of Senegalese writers

[edit] Sierra Leone

[edit] Somalia

[edit] South Africa

see List of South African writers

[edit] Sudan

[edit] Tanzania

[edit] Togo

[edit] Tunisia

[edit] Uganda

[edit] Western Sahara

[edit] Zambia

[edit] Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia)

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List of African writers by country

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