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Lieutenant Colonel (Lieutenant-Colonel in English from the French grade's spelling) is a rank of commissioned officer in the armies and most marine corps and air forces of the world, typically ranking above a Major and below a Colonel. The rank of Lieutenant Colonel is often verbally shortened to simply "Colonel".

[edit] Lieutenant Colonel ranks by country

The following articles deal with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (or its equivalent) as it is employed in various countries:

[edit] Lieutenant Colonel equivalents

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de:Oberstleutnant et:Kolonelleitnant es:Teniente Coronel fr:Lieutenant-colonel nl:Luitenant-kolonel ja:中佐 no:Oberstløytnant pl:Podpułkownik ru:Подполковник sl:Podpolkovnik sv:Överstelöjtnant fi:Everstiluutnantti zh:中校

Lieutenant Colonel

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