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Leonid Nevzlin is a former Russian oligarch and the former CEO of the Russian oil company Yukos. After several officers from his company were arrested for murder and other crimes, he fled to Israel. In November 2003, he was granted Israeli citizenship. Since Israel does not expel Jewish fugitives to other countries, he is unlikely to be ever prosecuted.

On 14 July 2005, the Russian Government asked the United States Government to hand over Nevzlin to face prosecution in Russia. Nevzlin has been charged with various offenses, with one of them including organization of a contract killing. "Nevzlin, who was Yukos owner Mikhail Khodorkovsky's right-hand man, has been charged with "entering into a criminal plot with Yukos' internal and economic security chief Alexander Pichugin to kill certain individuals who posed a... danger to the company, and to Nevzlin and Pichugin," Prosecutor General's Office said.

Leonid Nevzlin maintains a blog nevzlin.livejournal.com - Другие берега which means Other Shores in Russian.

he:לאוניד נבזלין

Leonid Nevzlin

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