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Jackson Pollock gets the big stone and Lee Krasner gets the small stone in Green River Cemetery in Springs, New York
Image:Lee krasner cool white.JPG
Lee Krasner's painting Cool White (1959)

Lee Krasner (October 27, 1908 - June 19, 1984) was an influential abstract expressionist painter in the second half of the 20th Century.

She was born in Brooklyn, New York to Russian Jewish immigrant parents.

Krasner studied at The Cooper Union and the National Academy of Design, and worked on the WPA Federal Art Project from 1935-1943. Starting in 1937, she took classes with Hans Hofmann. Hofmann taught the principles of cubism, and his influence helped to direct Krasner's work toward neo-cubist abstraction. In 1940, she started showing with the American Abstract Artists, a group of American painters.

In 1945, Krasner married artist Jackson Pollock, who was also influential in the Abstract Expressionism movement.

She would often cut apart her own drawings and paintings to create collages, and sometimes revised or discarded whole series. As a result. her surviving body of work is relatively small. Her catalogue raisonne, published in 1995 by Abrans, lists only 599 known pieces. She was rigorously self-critical and her critical eye is believed to have been important to Pollock's work.

Krasner was portrayed in an Academy Award-winning performance by Marcia Gay Harden in the 2000 film Pollock, a drama about the life of her husband Jackson Pollock directed by Ed Harris.

She died at age 75 in 1984.

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