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Lake Onega
Location Russia
Coordinates 61°30′N 35°45′ECoordinates: 61°30′N 35°45′E
Primary sources 58 rivers (Shuya, Suna, Vodla, Vytegra, Andoma)
Primary outflows River Svir
Surface area 9,894 km²
Max-depth 120 m
Water volume 280 km³
Surface elevation 33m
Islands 1369 (Kizhi Island)
Settlements Petrozavodsk
Image:Petroz fishers.jpg
Statue of fishers on the Onega embankment, Petrozavodsk.
Image:Wooden Miracle Kizhi.jpg
A wooden church on Kizhi Island, Lake Onega.

Lake Onega (also known as Onego, Russian: Онежское озеро, Onezhskoe ozero, i.e., Onezhskoe lake; Finnish/Karelian: Ääninen or Äänisjärvi) is a lake in Russia. Its surface area is 9,894 km², its volume is 280 km³, its maximum depth is 120 m. It has 1369 islands with a total area of 250 km². It is fed by 58 rivers, the main of them are Shuya, Suna, Vodla, Vytegra, Andoma. It is the second largest lake in Europe, and the 17th lake by area in the world.

Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Republic of Karelia, is situated on the western shore of Lake Onega. The republic surrounds Lake Onega in west, north and east. In the south it borders the Leningrad Oblast and Vologda Oblast.

The UNESCO World Heritage site of Kizhi pogost lies on one of the islands in the Kizhi archipelago in the Northern part of the lake. Two magnificent 18th century churches are the centerpieces of this open-air museum of Northern Russian wooden architecture.

River Svir that marks the southern boundary of Karelia, runs from the southwestern shore of Lake Onega to Lake Ladoga, and continues in the Neva to the Gulf of Finland.

Sailing is a popular activity. There is a sailing club located in Petrozavodsk. The open championship of Russia on sailing in the class of cruiser yachts has the status of the International Onego regatta in the Russian sailing community. The regatta is held by the State committee of the Russian Federation on Physical Culture and Sports and by the Federation of Sailing of the Republic of Karelia. <ref></ref>

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Lake Onega

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