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Leften Stavros Stavrianos (1913 - March 23, 2004) was a Greek-Canadian historian. His most influential books are considered to be A Global History: From Prehistory to the 21st Century and The Balkans since 1453. He was one of the very first historians who challenged the prejudiced Orientalist views of Ottoman Empire.

[edit] Biography

Stavrianos was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1913. He received a B.A. in history from the University of British Columbia, and a M.A. and Ph.D. from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Stavrianos joined the faculty of Queens University in Kingston, Ontario and Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. He then became a professor at Northwestern University in 1946. After retiring from Northwestern in 1973, Stavrianos joined the University of California, San Diego Department of History until 1992.

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L. S. Stavrianos

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