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Kuwait City (also Al-Kuwait - الكويت), population 32,403 (2005 Census), is the capital of the emirate of Kuwait and part of the Al-Asimah governorate. Locally known as "The City" (Al-Diera - ألديره), it contains the Majlis Al-Umma (Kuwait's parliament), most Governmental offices, the headquarters of most Kuwaiti corporations and banks, the Liberation Tower and the Kuwait Towers. Kuwait City is located at 29°22'11" North, 47°58'42" East (29.369722, 47.978333). [1]

Kuwait City's trade and transportation needs are served by Kuwait International Airport, Mina Al-Shuwaik (Shuwaik Port) and 50 kilometers to the south by the port of Mina al-Ahmadi (Ahmadi Port) on the Persian Gulf coast.


[edit] Suburbs

Image:Kuwait city skyline.jpg
Kuwait City Skyline

Although they are not popularly recognized as suburbs, the following is a list of a few areas surrounding Kuwait city:

[edit] History

The city was invaded and seized by Iraqi forces in the 1990 Gulf War. Under Iraqi occupation it was renamed al Kadhima (apparently an older name for the town)1 in order to erase Kuwaiti identity. It returned to its original name once Iraqi troops were expelled.

During the invasion, the city was extensively bombed and damaged. Buildings were fired upon, set alight, and demolished; roads and bridges links were the targets of explosives, and landmarks were defaced. The Kuwait National Museum, for example, which once held an extensive, comprehensive, and beautiful collection of artwork, was looted and then torched. The Kuwait Towers, the symbols of the country, were the targets of Saddam Hussein, who aimed to demolish them. Only minor damage was done to the Towers, and they are still the nation's symbol.

After the invasion, foreign investors and the Kuwaiti government were actively involved in modernizing the city and transforming it into a world-class, state-of-the-art business hub. Today, virtually all traces of the invasion have been cleared, and construction cranes dot the skyline as skyscrapers lift off from the ground and reach upwards. Many new hotels, including an exclusive Four Seasons and InterContinental, are now under construction, signaling a new era of growth for Kuwait City. The city is already in excellent shape, with new buildings with modern designs taking shape and glittering shopping malls opening. Some tourists are already present in the city, most of them looking for a relaxing beach getaway.

[edit] Economy

Kuwait's booming economy has allowed many international hotel chains to enter agreements to open hotels in the country. According to the Kuwait Hotel Owners Association, over twenty-five new hotels are planned or in construction, including the following:

  • Le Meridien Mubarakiya - opening mid 2006
  • Al Manshar Rotana Hotel & Suites - opening late 2006
  • InterContinental Kuwait - opening mid 2007
  • Hotel Missoni Kuwait - opening fall 2007 (the world's first Hotel Missoni)
  • The Regent Messilah Beach Resort & Spa - opening late 2007
  • The Monarch Luxury Hotel & Conference Center - opening February 2008
  • Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait City - opening late 2008
  • The Square Capital Tower - opening 2009

[edit] Footnotes

  1. see Dismantling the “Republic of Fear” Was a Just Cause by: Ibrahim Al-Marashi [2]

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Kuwait City

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