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Kribi is a beach resort and sea port in Cameroon, lying on the Gulf of Guinea coast, at the mouth of the Kienké River. It has a population of 48,800 (2001 estimate). It services sea traffic in the Gulf of Guinea and also lies near the terminus of the Chad-Cameroon pipeline.

The Lobé Waterfalls are nearby and there is a road inland, through the Littoral Evergreen Forest, as far as Lolodorf.

[edit] Port

Kribi is a possible location of a port for the export of iron ore from mines near Mbalam, about 500km away.

[edit] Maps

  • Elevation = 13m

Coordinates: 2°57′N 9°55′Ede:Kribi fr:Kribi pl:Kribi pt:Kribi sl:Kribi


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