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The Komnenian restoration is the term used by Byzantinists to describe the military, financial and territorial recovery of the Byzantine Empire under the Komnenian dynasty, from the accession of Alexios I Komnenos in 1081, to the death of Manuel I Komnenos in 1180. The Komnenian restoration is also closely linked to the establishment of the Komnenian army.

Map of the Byzantine Empire c.1095, at the beginning of the Komnenian restoration
Image:Byzantium in 1170(3).PNG
The Byzantine empire under Manuel I Komnenos, c.1170. By this stage, much of Asia Minor and a large section of the Balkans had been recovered

Significant battles of the Komnenian restoration include:

The Komnenian restoration came to an end in c.1185 with the death of the last Komnenian emperor, Andronikos I Komnenos. With his death, the Decline of the Byzantine Empire recommenced, and by 1204 Byzantium had ceased to be a great power.

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it:Ripristino dell'Impero bizantino sotto i Comneni

Komnenian restoration

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