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Kindu is a town in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the capital of Maniema province. It has a population of about 200,000 and is situated on the Congo River at an altitude of about 500 metres, and is about 400 km west of Bukavu.

Kindu is linked by rail to Kalemie, Kamina and Kananga. It also has an airport with a 2,200 metre runway. Roads in Maniema are unsurfaced and in a generally poor condition.

The town was an important centre for the ivory, gold and slave trades during the nineteenth century. Arab-Swahili slave traders were based here from about 1860 and sent caravans overland to Zanzibar. The signs of Islam and Swahili culture continue to be visible in Kindu. Kindu has an airport. Most of the goods coming to town comes from Goma, Bukavu and Kinshasa by air.

Kindu is located 2°57´S, 25°55´E at an elevation of approximately 1500' ( 457m ) above sea level.

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