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Kimbanguism is a branch of Christianity founded by Simon Kimbangu in what was then the Belgian Congo (now the Democratic Republic of Congo). The church's name is the Kimbanguist Church (fully Église de Jesus Christ sur Terre par le Prophète Simon Kimbangu, or The Church of Christ on Earth by the Prophet Simon Kimbangu), and is a large, independent African Initiated Church with an estimated one to three million believers.

In April 1921, Kimbangu, a Baptist mission catechist, inaugurated a mass movement through his miraculous healings and biblical teaching. The Belgium authorities treated the faith with suspicion and imprisoned Simon Kimbangu for most of his life (he died while in prison). The church was formally recognised by the Belgian colonial authorities in 1959.

[edit] Beliefs, practices, and hierarchy

The church eschews politics and embraces a puritan ethic, rejecting the use of violence, polygamy, magic and witchcraft, alcohol, tobacco, and dancing. Its worship is Baptist in form, though the institution of Holy Communion was not introduced until 1971.

The three key dates in the Kimbanguist are April 6 (marking the date of the start of the ministry of healing), October 12 (marking the day Kimbangu died) and March 25 (marking Christmas). The church is largely non-sacramental with large services only loosely organised.

Some smaller, more loosely organised groups in Central Africa regard Kimbangu as God's prophet, though that view is not orthodox.


  • The spiritual head (Diangienda)
  • Adjunct spiritual heads (Dialungana and Kosolokele – the other sons of Simon Kimbangu)
  • Bansadisi (healers)
  • Legal representatives of churches in the various countries
  • Regional representatives and their staffs
  • Subregional representatives and their staffs
  • Main parish ministers, evangelists and helpers
  • Parish-section ministers, evangelists and helpers
  • Congregants

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