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The joule per mole (symbol: J·mol-1) is an SI derived unit of energy per amount of material. Energy is measured in joules, and the amount of material is measured in moles.

Physical quantities measured in J·mol-1 include:

When used to measure ionization energy, one can convert to volts using the fact that

1 V = 1 J/coulomb = F J/mole of electrons = 96485.3383 J/mole of electrons

where F is Faraday's per mol ast:Quiloxuliu por mol ca:Quilojoule per mol es:Kilojulio por mol fr:Joule par mole it:Joule per mole hu:Joule per mól pt:Quilojoule por mol sl:Joule na mol th:จูลต่อโมล

Joule per mole

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