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Keren is the third largest city in Eritrea, lying north west of Asmara, with a population of around 75,000 people. It is the capital of the Anseba province.

The city grew around an Eritrean Railway to Asmara, now dismantled (although there are plans to rebuild). It is an important commercial centre and was the scene of regular battles in both World War II and the Eritrean War of Independence. During World War II a fierce battle between Italian and British troops took place here. <ref name="Reviving Asmara">"Reviving Asmara", BBC 3 Radio, 2005-06-19. Retrieved on 2006-08-30. (in English)</ref>

Attractions in the city include the Tigu nineteenth century Egyptian fort, the St Maryam Dearit chapel, lying in a baobab tree, the 1930s former railway station, British Army and Italian Army cemeteries and local markets. The nearby sixth century Debra Sina monastery is known for its cave dwellings.

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Keren, Eritrea

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