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Kabaddi will be contested by five teams at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar from December 2 to December 6. All competition will take place at Aspire Hall 4.


[edit] Round Robin

Team Pts Pld W D L PF PA Diff
Image:Flag of India.svg India 422008446+38
Image:Flag of Pakistan.svg Pakistan 6330012176+45
Image:Flag of Iran.svg Iran 120114969−20
Image:Flag of Japan (bordered).svg Japan 1301265102−37
Image:Flag of Bangladesh.svg Bangladesh 010025682−26

December 2

Pakistan Image:Flag of Pakistan.svg 34–16 Image:Flag of Japan (bordered).svg Japan
India Image:Flag of India.svg 40–21 Image:Flag of Bangladesh.svg Bangladesh
Japan Image:Flag of Japan (bordered).svg 25–44 Image:Flag of India.svg India
Iran Image:Flag of Iran.svg 25–45 Image:Flag of Pakistan.svg Pakistan

December 3

Japan Image:Flag of Japan (bordered).svg 24–24 Image:Flag of Iran.svg Iran
Pakistan Image:Flag of Pakistan.svg 42–35 Image:Flag of Bangladesh.svg Bangladesh

December 4

Bangladesh Image:Flag of Bangladesh.svg 17:00 Image:Flag of Iran.svg Iran
India Image:Flag of India.svg 18:00 Image:Flag of Pakistan.svg Pakistan

December 5

Iran Image:Flag of Iran.svg 17:00 Image:Flag of India.svg India
Bangladesh Image:Flag of Bangladesh.svg 18:00 Image:Flag of Japan (bordered).svg Japan

[edit] Medal Round

December 6

Third place team 17:00 Fourth Place team
First place team 18:00 Second place team

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Kabaddi at the 2006 Asian Games

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