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For the Marvel Comics character see Kro (comics). For the French beer, see Kronenbourg.

The Katholieke Radio Omroep is a Dutch public broadcaster that was founded on 23 April 1925 and commonly broadcasts on Nederland 1. It is a broadly catholic broadcaster with spiritual interests. KRO also manages the broadcasts of RKK. Its magazines are Studio KRO Magazine and Mikro gids.

KRO's behind-the-scenes show is Netwerk (in cooperation with EO and (NCRV). A popular show in 2005 was Boer zoekt vrouw, presented by Yvon Jaspers, in which bachelor farmers try to get a woman. Many young Dutch farmers stay bachelors because it is hard to find a woman willing to put up with the working hours, hard work and lack of holidays.

Trivium: In the late 1990's the logo that KRO showed in the top left corner of the screen had all the letters individually mirrored, something that is barely noticeable with the capital letters 'KRO'.

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