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Jonkheer Joan Röell (1844-1914) was born on July 21 in the Dutch town of Haarlem and was a Dutch Liberal legal expert from a prominent family of governors. Röell, as an ex-clerk of the Northern Dutch district was very familiar with interior government and water household. In 1877, Röell became a member of the Tweede Kamer (Second Chamber) for the district of Utrecht. When Röell wasn't chosen in 1886, he became a member of the Eerste Kamer (First Chamber). In 1894 he formed the Dutch parliament and became Prime Minister and minister of Foreign Affairs. In 1897, after finishing his term he left the Tweede Kamer (Second Chamber) to return in 1901. Roëll was President of the Tweede Kamer (Second Chamber) from 1905-1909 and wasn't re-elected in 1909 and thus had to leave the Tweede Kamer (Second Chamber). During the last years of his life, Röell was Vice-President of the Raad van State (Council of State). Röell died on July 13, 1914 in The Hague aged 69.

[edit] Family background

Röell got married in Utrecht on September 10, 1868 to Eritia Erna Romelia, with whom he had no children.

[edit] Trivia

Son of H.H. baron Röell Commissioner of the king in Utrecht and Noord-Holland.

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