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Joachim Latacz (born 4 April 1934, Katowice, Poland) is a classical philologist. Latacz is a specialist in ancient Greek literature and culture, and is widely considered one of the most important experts in the German-speaking world on Homer and epic.


[edit] Life and research

For over twenty years he was one of the most important opponents of Manfred Korfmann, the archaeologist and Troy specialist. Latacz repeatedly defended the hypothesis that the Homeric account of the Trojan War essentially goes back to genuine historical events in the late Bronze Age.

From 1981 until his retirement Latacz was Ordinarius (Professor) of Greek Philology at the University of Basel. In addition to his teaching activity, he occupied himself with early Greek literature and published numerous works on Homer and the performance of Greek tragedy.

At present he is working on a complete commentary on the Iliad, with two volumes (text plus commentary) for each book of the epic (this will make it the largest commentary since that of Eustathius).<ref> J.B. Lethbridge 2005, review of vol. 2 in BMCR 2005.08.16. </ref> A volume of prolegomena and two volumes of the commentary itself have been published so far.

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[edit] Bibliography

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