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British Jews (often referred to collectively, but imprecisely, as Anglo Jewry) are British subjects of Jewish descent or religion who maintain a connection to the Jewish community, either through actively practising Judaism or through cultural and historical affiliation.

The United Kingdom contains the second largest Jewish population in Europe after France's Jewish Community and is the seventh largest community of all World Jewry. British Jews span a range of religious affiliations, from the ultra-Orthodox Haredi communities to the large segment of Jews who are entirely secular.

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History of the Jews in England

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[edit] History

See main article, History of the Jews in England

The first recorded Jewish community in the British Isles was brought to England in 1070 by King William the Conqueror, who believed that their commercial skills and incoming capital would make England more prosperous. This community was expelled in 1290 by King Edward I.

The current community dates itself back to 1656, when Oliver Cromwell made it clear that the ban on Jewish settlement would no longer be enforced. In 2006, the Jewish community celebrated the 350th anniversary of the resettlement.<ref>EJP looks back on 350 years of history of Jews in the UK: European Jewish Press. Retrieved 21 July 2006.</ref>

[edit] Population

[edit] Demographics

Currently, approximately two-thirds of the UK’s 350,000 Jews live in London. Substantial communities outside the London area include Manchester & Salford (at approximately 40,000 by far the largest community outside London), Leeds, Glasgow and Brighton, with quite large communities also in Liverpool, Cardiff, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Gateshead, Sheffield and Southend & Westcliff.

[edit] Communal Institutions

[edit] Denominational Organization

Most people who identify religiously as Jews belong to one of the following organizations: the United Synagogue, the Movement for Reform Judaism (previously known as Reform Synagogues of Great Britain), Liberal Judaism, or the Assembly of Masorti Synagogues.

[edit] Cross-communal Organizations

The British Jewish community enjoys a wide range of organizations, funded by private donations, which provide support to Jews of all religious denominations and none: The Board of Deputies, founded in 1760, contains members from each synagogue in the United Kingdom. The Jewish Leadership Council comprises the chairpeople of the major organisations in each sector of communal life, together with key individual leaders of the community. The Community Security Trust exists to combat those who seek to threaten the safety and security of the Jewish community in Britain. The Union of Jewish Students supports Jewish students at university.

[edit] Limmud

The annual Limmud winter conference is a high-profile educational event of the British Jewish community, attracting a wide range of international presenters.

[edit] Media

The Jewish Chronicle is the oldest Jewish newspaper in the world.

[edit] References

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British Jews

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