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The Patriotic Society Party twenty one January (Partido Sociedad Patriótica vientiuno de Enero) is a left-wing nationalist party in Ecuador. At the legislative elections, 20 October 2002, the party won at least two out of one hundred seats, but some additional seats in alliances with other parties. Its candidate Lucio Edwin Gutierrez Borbua, member of the Patriotic Society Party 21 January won in an alliance with the Pluri-National Pachakutik United Movement - New Country 20.3 % of the vote in the presidential elections of the same day and won the second round with 58.7 %. He was the first supporter of this party to become president of Ecuador. However, he resigned in 2005, and his successor was not a member of the party. His brother, Gilmar Gutierrez, was the party's presidential candidate in the 2006 elections. Gilmar received 17% of the vote and came in third place. In the 2006 congressional elections, however, the party won 23 of 100 seats and will be the second largest party in Congress, where no party has anything close to a majority.

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