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Jamil Mahuad Witt (born July 29, 1949) was President of Ecuador from August 10, 1998 to January 21, 2000. He was forced to resign after a week of demonstrations by indigenous Ecuadorians and a military revolt led by Lucio Gutiérrez. He is of Lebanese Muslim and German descent.

He proposed economic reforms that produced the "dollarization" of the economy. He declared a freeze in bank accounts in order to control the countries' inflation. However, it is presumed that his inner circle had enough time to take millions of dollars out of the banking system.

He gives courses in ethics and politics across US Universities, including the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

During his Presidency, a historical peace agreement with the neighboring country of Peru, was signed. By signing this peace treaty, Ecuador renounced to every claim over the Rio De Janeiro Protocol.

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Preceded by:
Fabián Alarcón
President of Ecuador
Succeeded by:
Gustavo Noboa
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Jamil Mahuad

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