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Province de l'Ituri
Image:None Image:None
(Provincial flag) (Provincial Seal)
Image:Région Ituri République démocratique du Congo.png
Country Image:Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svgDemocratic Republic of the Congo
Capital Bunia
Largest city Bunia
National language Swahili
Land area¹ ? km²
Governor Petronille Vaweka (a.i)

(est. ?)

Districts 5
Cities 3
Demonym Iturite
Official Website [ Province de l'Ituri]
Territorial Organisation - Cities

Ituri is a province located in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The Ituri Rainforest is in this area.

Prior to the adoption of the 2006 Constitution of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the legal status of Ituri was a topic of some dispute. From the beginning of the Second Congo War in 1998, it was held by soldiers of the Uganda People's Defense Force (UPDF) and the Ugandan-backed Movement for Liberation faction of the Rally for Congolese Democracy (RCD-ML). In June 1999, the commander of UPDF forces in the DRC, Brig. Gen. James Kazini, ignored the protests of RCD-ML leaders and created the new province of Kibali-Ituri out of the eastern section of the northeastern Orientale province. It is almost always referred to simply as Ituri. The capital is Bunia. The creation of a new province under the governorship of a Hema contributed to the start of the current Ituri conflict, that has caused thousands of deaths. Most official cartographers did not include the new province, and those referring to it as a "province" rather than a "region" were sometimes viewed as having a pro-Uganda bias. With the new constitution, Ituri's status as a province is finally settled.

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