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The Indian Olympic Association is the body responsible for selecting athletes to represent India at the Olympics and other international athletic meets and for managing the Indian teams at the events. It also acts as the Indian Commonwealth Games Association, responsible for selecting athletes to represent India at the Commonwealth Games.

The Indian Olympic Association was formed in 1927 with Sir Dorabji Tata as its first president and since that year has been the body officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee as India's national Olympic organisation[1]. He was replaced by Maharaja Bhupindra Singh of Patiala in 1928 who stayed on till 1938.

The current president of IOA is Mr. Suresh Kalmadi.

[edit] Past presidents of IOA

  1. Sir Dorabji Tata 1927-1928
  2. Maharaja Bhupindra Singh 1928-1938
  3. Maharaja Yadavendra Singh 1938-1960
  4. Raja Bhalindra Singh 1960-1975
  5. Air Chief Marshal OP Mehra 1976-1980
  6. Raja Bhalendra Singh 1980-1984
  7. Mr. V C Shukla 1984-197
  8. Dr. Sivanthi Adityan 1987-1996

In April 2002, Uma Bharati, in her capacity as India's Sports Minister, announced that IOA would bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games.

[edit] References

  1.   Indian Olympic Association, International Olympic Committee web site maintained by the IOC, accessed 2005-04-02

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