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The Independence/Democracy Group in the European Parliament was set up on 20 July 2004. It incorporates EU-critics, eurosceptics and eurorealists. The main goals of the Group are to reject the Treaty establishing a constitution for Europe and to oppose all forms of centralisation. Some members within the group, notably the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), advocate the complete withdrawal of their country from the EU. The group's leaders are Nigel Farage (UKIP) and Jens-Peter Bonde (JuniBevægelsen- Mod Unionen) .

[edit] Formation

After the elections in 2004, MEPs of Junilistan, League of Polish Families, and Combats Souverainistes joined with members of the now defunct Europe of Democracies and Diversities group and, having gathered 28 MEPs, the new group was registered with the European Parliament. The Group is open to Members that subscribe to a Europe of Sovereign Nation States and acknowledge the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights and parliamentary democracy.

[edit] Members

The IND/DEM Group comprises of 28 Members coming from 9 different countries, as follows:

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Groups in the European Parliament
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es:Independencia y Democracia fr:Groupe Indépendance/Démocratie it:Indipendenza e Democrazia nl:Onafhankelijkheid en Democratie Groep pl:Niepodległość i Demokracja simple:Independence and Democracy fi:Itsenäisyys/demokratia -ryhmä sv:Självständighet/Demokrati

Independence and Democracy

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