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Igor (ukr. Ihor, bel. Ihar) is a given name derived from the Scandinavian name Ingvar, that was brought to ancient Ruthenia by the Vikings (Ingvar or Yngvar). Igor (Rurik's son) conquered Kiev. The first element of the name is derived from Proto-Norse *Ing(w)ia (Ingi-), i.e. Yngvi, which was the original name of the god Freyr. The second element is probably either *Harjaz (warrior) or *Warjaz (defender). The name consequently either meant Freyr's warrior or Freyr's defender.

Image:Amarillo Tx - Dynamite Museum - Igor Archer.jpg
Igor trying to shoot an arrow through a woman.

The name Igor's association with hunchbacked assistants has its origins in the Universal Studios horror films of the 1930s. See Igor (fictional character)

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