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The House of Alpin is a dynasty of Scottish kings who ruled Pictland, later Alba, from 843 to 1034. Its name derives from the patronym of Kenneth MacAlpin (Cináed mac Ailpín), king of the Picts and first of the dynasty which created Alba. Máel Coluim II was the last descendant of Alpin in the male line to be king, subsequent kings claiming descent in the female line. The relationship of Eochaid and Giric to previous kings is uncertain.

[edit] Kings of the House of Alpin


ImageSize = width:300 height:480 PlotArea = left:50 right:0 bottom:10 top:10

DateFormat = yyyy Period = from:840 till:1035 TimeAxis = orientation:vertical ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:10 start:840


 color:red mark:(line,white) align:left fontsize:S 
 shift:(25,-5) # shift text to right side of bar
 # there is no automatic collision detection,
 # so shift texts up or down manually to avoid overlap
 from:843  till:858  text:Cináed I
 from:858  till:862  text:Domnall I
 from:862  till:877  text:Constantine I
 from:877  till:878  text:Aedh
 from:878  till:889 shift:(25,10) text:Eochaid~&~Giric
 from:889  till:900  text:Domnall II
 from:900  till:943  text:Constantine II
 from:943  till:954  text:Máel Coluim I
 from:954  till:962  text:Indulf
 from:962  till:966  text:Dub
 from:966  till:971  text:Culen
 from:971  till:995  text:Cináed II
 from:995  till:997  text:Constantine III
 from:997  till:1005 text:Cináed III
 from:1005 till:1034 text:Máel Coluim II

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House of Alpin

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