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The Netherlands
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Hoge Raad der Nederlanden is the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, situated in The Hague.

[edit] Composition

Image:Hoge raad gebouw lange voorhout.jpg
Entrance of Huguetan House, the main building of the Hoge Raad at the Lange Voorhout (The Hague). The courtrooms are located in Kazernestraat, behind Huguetan House.

Members of the Hoge Raad are appointed by Royal Decree, from a list of three, advised by the Tweede Kamer on the advice of the Hoge Raad itself. The judges are, like every judge in The Netherlands, appointed for life, until they either retire or reach the age of 70.

The Hoge Raad is comprised of a president, at most 7 vice-presidents, at most 30 raadsheren (English: Council Lords), and at most 15 raadsheren of extraordinary service.

[edit] Authority

Appeals against the decisions of the Rechtbank (district court) are first heard by the Gerechtshof (higher court). It is possible to appeal a decision of the Gerechtshof to the Hoge Raad, but only on the grounds that the Gerechtshof applied the law incorrectly or that the ruling of the Gerechtshof lacks sufficient motivation.

The Hoge Raad also acts as Supreme Court in appeals against decisions of the Common Court of Appeals of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.



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Hoge Raad der Nederlanden

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