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In compatible browsers, an edit toolbar can be automatically displayed with the edit box, provided that this has been set in the preferences.It appears automatically for editors who are not logged in. This functions partly as a typing aid and partly as a reminder of the available functions. All the functions are available simply by typing the code directly into the edit box (such as [[link]]) - this may be easier.

The toolbar works with Internet Explorer, the Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey, Firefox, Konqueror, Safari and Opera.

For example:
To turn a piece of text into an internal link, select it and press the third button.

In Mozilla browsers and IE, you can format existing text by highlighting the text you want to format and clicking the relevant button on the toolbar. If you click a button without selecting any text, sample text will be inserted at the cursor's position (like so: Bold text). In other browsers, clicking on the button presents an explanation for that feature. (Pre-release 9.0 versions of Opera browser also seem to support the advanced functionality.)

All of the toolbar options, and further editing options, are available in Bananeweizen's Firefox extension.

List of functions

(apart from the last two examples, these pieces of wikitext are created by typing abc, selecting it and clicking the buttons on the toolbar)

Icon Function What it shows when editing What it shows on the page
Image:Bold icon.png Bold or strong emphasis '''abc''' abc
Image:Italic icon.png Italic or emphasis ''abc'' abc
Image:Internal link icon.png Internal link [[abc]] abc
Image:External link icon.png External link []
Image:Headline icon.png Section heading == abc ==


Image:Image icon.png Insert image [[Image:abc.jpg]] Image:Abc.jpg
Image:Media icon.png Insert media [[Media:abc.ogg]] Media:abc.ogg
Image:Math icon.png Mathematical formula <math>abc</math> <math>abc</math>
Image:Nowiki icon.png Ignore wiki formatting <nowiki>abc '''[[Bold text]]'''</nowiki> abc '''[[Bold text]]'''
Image:Signature icon.png Sign talk comments (with time stamp) --~~~~ --Gareth Aus 22:49, 11 February 2006 (UTC)
Image:H-line icon.png Horizontal line ----

Wikipedia-specific help

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Help:Edit toolbar

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