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The Wikipedia community


The Community Portal
Wikipedia directory
Wikipedia department directory

Voting and consensus

Feedback by editors, to editors.

Featuring an article
Featuring pictures
Featuring lists
Peer review
Administrator nominations

You can also ask the Wikipedia community to consider...

...deleting an article (full policy)
...moving a page or merging it with another (and how to actually do it)
...protecting a page (full policy)
...deleting, merging, or renaming a category
...deleting a template (or a stub type)
...deleting images and other media

Resolving disputes

Stay cool!
Be nice to newcomers
Alert others
Request assistance from a members' advocate
Dispute resolution
Arbitration policy

Keeping informed: News

Community Portal Bulletin board collaborations and updates - Wikipedia's hub of activity.
The Signpost - Wikipedia's newspaper
Wikipedia in the media
Wikipedia milestone announcements
Wikizine news letter about the Wikimedia projects
Press releases
Regional notice boards


Administrator nominations
List of administrators
Administration FAQ
Administrator's reading list
Fix cut & paste moves
Page protection

Wikipedian culture

Wikipedians: the people who contribute to Wikipedia
List of Wikipedians
WikiProjects: where people interested in specific topics work together
List of WikiProjects
WikiProjects category
Collaborations: Wikipedians focusing on one article for a set amount of time
List of collaborations
Wikipedian humor
Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense
Department of Fun
Unusual articles
Editcountitis: a condition that can be fatal
The edit counter ("Interiot's tool")
Wikipedian games

More about Wikipedia

Overview of Wikipedia (All about Wikipedia)
Category-based access to pages about Wikipedia
Another way to browse help topics
Category:Wikipedia how-to (a full list of help topics)
fa:راهنما:فهرست/انجمن ویکی‌پدیا

sr:Помоћ:Садржај/Више о Википедији

Help:Contents/The Wikipedia community

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