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Getting started

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Browsing Wikipedia

Who writes Wikipedia contains essential information for new readers.

Browsing - How to:

Search for an article including "Go" button
Basic navigation
Use the "What links here" browsing tool
Use Wikipedia faster with keyboard shortcuts
Use the Recent Changes page
Patrolling the recent changes
Do research using Wikipedia
(See also Category of resources for researchers).
Cite Wikipedia For help citing Wikipedia as a reference.
Play media files in Wikipedia
Other Wikipedia languages

Contents pages:

See also

Department directory
Main Page alternatives
Site news

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Editing Wikipedia

To learn how to keep track of your (or other people's) edits, see Keeping track of changes.
For lists of stub types, categories, infoboxes etc., see Resources and lists.
For image use, see Images and media.
To learn the rules of Wikipedia, see policies and guidelines.

Contributing to Wikipedia a guide on ways to get involved in editing.
Introduction to editing.
Cheatsheet, an editing reference card.
Simplified ruleset, essential information to understand when editing articles (for new editors).
The Glossary can help you understand Wikipedia jargon.
Bite sized tips for the most common tasks.

Editing - how to:

Edit a page, including markup details.
Experiment with editing pages in the sandbox
You can also carry out editing experiments "in situ" by editing the page itself and using the Show Preview button. Be careful not to accidentally save the page though! If you do, then Revert your changes.
Help:Editing (extended cheat sheet - Hint: keep this open in another window)
Use sections in an article
Use categories
Insert a picture
Use redirect pages
Create lists
Use footnotes
Use tables
Use mathematical formulas

Saving - how to:

Report your change in the edit summary
Handle an edit conflict
Use minor edits
Use the preview button

Creating links - how to:

Link Wikipedia articles
Change the title of a link (the piped link)
Create links to external pages

Creating pages - how to:

Start a new page
Name a page
Create pages for topics with several different definitions (disambiguation)
Naming conventions in general (full list of specific naming conventions)
Stub articles (List of Stub Styles)
User page design

Article maintenance - how to:

Merge two or more pages or move (rename) a page (Requested moves)
Delete pages/images/categories
Use talk pages (discussion pages)
Archive a talk page
Revert a page to an earlier version
Deal with vandalism
Protect and unprotect pages (Administrators only)
Link together Wikipedia articles in different languages
Link words in articles to articles on sister projects
Use page names
Use namespaces
Use headings as anchors to link to
Translate articles
Create subpages
Archive Current Events
Do a purge
Edit with an external editor
Test edits, and other things


A quick guide to templates
List of available templates

The Wikipedia syntax

"Magic words" allow you to change default behaviour or automate text eg. you can disable a Table of Contents or move its position, or insert & automatically update the current date, month etc. See also: Variables.
Editing shortcuts
Valid HTML codes in wikitext
Use special characters
Use easy timeline syntax
Edit mathematical formulae using TeX

Life cycle of an article

Article development Lists the stages in an article's development and ways to help improve articles.
Perfect articles Checklist of components required to make a "perfect" article.
Start a new page
Write your first article
Write better articles Advice on how to write Wikipedia articles.
Guidance on style
Manual of Style
Supplementary manuals

Capital letters
Command-line examples
Dates and numbers
Sister projects
Text formatting

Special article styles

Disambiguation pages
Arabic transliteration
China-related articles
Ethiopia-related articles</br> Indic-related articles
Ireland-related articles
Islam-related articles
Japan-related articles
Korea-related articles

Other guidance

How to edit a page
Guide to layout
Categorization of people
Cite sources
Explain jargon
Writing better articles
Music samples
Naming conventions
Picture tutorial
Proper names
Technical terms
and definitions

Words to avoid
Writing about fiction


List of style guidelines
Layout How to structure Wikipedia articles.
Naming conventions
Disambiguation (pages which resolve ambiguity for articles with similar titles)
Image use
When to use tables
Use proper names
Creating an article series
Using Summary style on the overview page

Manual of Style

The Manual of Style is a comprehensive style guide for Wikipedia articles.

Main Manual of Style
Command-line examples
Dates & numbers
Sister projects

The Wikipedia interface

Find your way around the screen.

Editing toolbar
Using Page History
Using User Contributions pages
Using Talk pages
Using the Recent Changes page
Using the Related Changes page
Using Diff pages
Edit conflicts

Sources for Citation

Cite the sources: How | Why | What is a reliable source?
Sources for articles
List of Resources for researchers
Public domain resources
Newspapers and magazines request service
Standard letters requesting permission to use copyright works

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How to edit a page: Links and URLs
Editing FAQ: How do I make links?
Wikipedia's URLs

Types of links

Wikipedia:Self link
Wikipedia:Piped link
Wikipedia:Categorization#Links to categories
Wikipedia:Template messages/Links
Wikipedia:ISBN links
m:Dynamic dates


Wikipedia:Manual of Style (links)
Wikipedia:Embedded lists
Wikipedia:Only make links relevant to the context v. Wikipedia:Build the web
Wikipedia:Guide to writing better articles#Standard appendices - Section on links
m:When should I link externally
Wikipedia:Citing sources - autonumeric text in links, footnotes
Wikipedia:External links

InterWiki links

m:Help:Interwiki linking
Wikipedia:Sister projects - Including how to link to them
m:Interwiki link problem
m:Interwiki bot
Wikipedia:List of interwiki redirects
Wikipedia:Interlanguage links


Wikipedia:Basic navigation
m:Link style vote - Historical poll that decided links should be underlined
m:Proposal for dead links
m:Accidental linking and hard-wired category schemes (historical, why we do not use subpages)
Wikipedia:CamelCase and Wikipedia - History of linking in Wikipedia
m:Links table (technical storage information)
m:Brokenlinks table (technical storage information)

Related encyclopedia articles

Deep linking
Link popularity
Link farm

af:Wikipedia:Skakel cs:Nápověda:Odkazy de:Hilfe:Links fa:راهنما:فهرست/پیوند‌ها tt:Läñker

Images and media
Upload form (Wikipedia)
Images and multimedia
Overview of images in Wikipedia


Image description pages
How to upload files to Wikipedia
Images and other uploaded files
Preparing images for upload
Use the Extended image syntax to place an image in an article
Finding images tutorial
Picture tutorial
Graphics tutorials
Basic bitmap image editing
How to use the GIMP
How to reduce colors for saving a JPEG as PNG
How to improve image quality
How to draw a diagram with Dia
How to draw a diagram with Microsoft Word
How to draw a diagram with Writer
How to draw a diagram with Draw
How to request images or media for deletion
Image help (category)
Media copyright questions

Policy and guidelines

Image use policy
Guide to captions
Guide to use of logos
Guide to use of alternative text for images

List of...

Image copyright tags


Featured pictures
Featured picture candidates
Public domain image resources
Wikipedia:Example requests for permission
Category:Wikipedia images

fa:راهنما:فهرست/تصویرها و رسانه‌ها

Keeping track of changes

fa:راهنما:فهرست/پیگیری تغییرات sr:Помоћ:Садржај/Праћење измена

Policies and guidelines

fa:راهنما:فهرست/سیاست‌ها و رهنمودها sr:Помоћ:Садржај/Правила, смернице и руковођења

Communication methods

Asking questions

Searching is the fastest and easiest way to find answers for factual questions.
Reference desk, request an article or information you can't find. See also Requested articles
Help desk for users with questions about Wikipedia or editing.
New contributors' help page, for the new users who don't know what to do or how to do it.
Computer help desk for questions about software related to Wikipedia, and automated tasks
Each article has a Talk page — click on the article's discussion tab — to read or take part in discussions about the article.
General Complaints, for discussing problems with the way Wikipedia is designed and making suggestions for improvement.
Requests for administrator attention, to get help from an administrator
Village pump, the place for technical and policy issue discussions

Getting in touch

Contact us
Discussion pages
User pages
Babel - multi-lingual Wikipedians
Wikipedia mailing lists
Chat with other users on IRC
Village pump
Bug reports and feature requests
Meta Wikipedia, the site that organizes all the Wikimedia projects
Contingency page for when the main Wikipedia server is down
Instant Messaging
In person meetings

Keeping informed: News

Community Portal, Bulletin board, collaborations, and updates - Wikipedia's hub of activity
The Signpost – Wikipedia's newspaper
News about Wikipedia
Wikipedia in the media
Wikipedia milestone announcements
Wikizine, newsletter about the Wikimedia projects
Press releases
Regional notice boards

fa:راهنما:فهرست/ارتباط sr:Помоћ:Садржај/Википедија заједница

The Wikipedia community
The Community Portal
Wikipedia directory
Wikipedia department directory

Voting and consensus

Feedback by editors, to editors.

Featuring an article
Featuring pictures
Featuring lists
Peer review
Administrator nominations

You can also ask the Wikipedia community to consider...

...deleting an article (full policy)
...moving a page or merging it with another (and how to actually do it)
...protecting a page (full policy)
...deleting, merging, or renaming a category
...deleting a template (or a stub type)
...deleting images and other media

Resolving disputes

Stay cool!
Be nice to newcomers
Alert others
Request assistance from a members' advocate
Dispute resolution
Arbitration policy

Keeping informed: News

Community Portal Bulletin board collaborations and updates - Wikipedia's hub of activity.
The Signpost - Wikipedia's newspaper
Wikipedia in the media
Wikipedia milestone announcements
Wikizine news letter about the Wikimedia projects
Press releases
Regional notice boards


Administrator nominations
List of administrators
Administration FAQ
Administrator's reading list
Fix cut & paste moves
Page protection

Wikipedian culture

Wikipedians: the people who contribute to Wikipedia
List of Wikipedians
WikiProjects: where people interested in specific topics work together
List of WikiProjects
WikiProjects category
Collaborations: Wikipedians focusing on one article for a set amount of time
List of collaborations
Wikipedian humor
Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense
Department of Fun
Unusual articles
Editcountitis: a condition that can be fatal
The edit counter ("Interiot's tool")
Wikipedian games

More about Wikipedia

Overview of Wikipedia (All about Wikipedia)
Category-based access to pages about Wikipedia
Another way to browse help topics
Category:Wikipedia how-to (a full list of help topics)

fa:راهنما:فهرست/انجمن ویکی‌پدیا sr:Помоћ:Садржај/Више о Википедији

Resources and lists
Pages needing attention lists all sorts of information, sorted by encyclopedic topics.
Wikipedia:Index - categorical index to Wikipedia project pages.
List of reference pages - glossaries, lists, timelines etc.


Browse categories
How to name categories


Lists (stand-alone lists)
Embedded list


List of stub types
How to name stubs


List of infoboxes
List of templates used in infoboxes


List of templates
List of navigational templates

Wikiprojects & article series

List of WikiProjects
Creating a WikiProject
List of article series

Shortcuts & "magic words"

List of shortcuts
List of "magic words" - Magic words can be used to automate text or change the display of pages.

Other resources

Cleanup resources
List of Resources for researchers
Public domain resources
Newspapers and magazines request service
Web Browser tools - Tools for your Web browser
Web colors


Mailing lists
List of protected pages
Links to disambiguating pages
List of controversial issues


List of administrators
Requests for administrator attention


Sample letters requesting content be made available to Wikipedia
Sample letters for violations of Wikipedia's licence (GFDL)

New user greetings

Standard user greeting
Welcome templates

fa:راهنما:فهرست/منابع و سیاهه‌ها

Account settings and maintenance

fa:راهنما:فهرست/تنظیمات حساب کاربری و نگهداری sr:Помоћ:Садржај/Подешавања налога

Technical information
About Wikimedia
Tools to make Wikipedia work better.
Catalogue of CSS classes used on the English Wikipedia
Edit an article so long that you can't edit it
Computer help desk - Help with software related to Wikipedia.
The MediaWiki software
MediaWiki User's Guide For those who have installed the MediaWiki software that runs this site, and need help using it.
Requests and bug reports
Browser notes
How to Download Wikipedia content
Export page(s) in XML

fa:راهنما:فهرست/اطلاعات فنی sr:Помоћ:Садржај/Техничке информације


Help:Contents/Site map

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