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Resources and lists


Pages needing attention lists all sorts of information, sorted by encyclopedic topics.
Wikipedia:Index - categorical index to Wikipedia project pages.
List of reference pages - glossaries, lists, timelines etc.


Browse categories
How to name categories


Lists (stand-alone lists)
Embedded list


List of stub types
How to name stubs


List of infoboxes
List of templates used in infoboxes


List of templates
List of navigational templates

Wikiprojects & article series

List of WikiProjects
Creating a WikiProject
List of article series

Shortcuts & "magic words"

List of shortcuts
List of "magic words" - Magic words can be used to automate text or change the display of pages.

Other resources

Cleanup resources
List of Resources for researchers
Public domain resources
Newspapers and magazines request service
Web Browser tools - Tools for your Web browser
Web colors


Mailing lists
List of protected pages
Links to disambiguating pages
List of controversial issues


List of administrators
Requests for administrator attention


Sample letters requesting content be made available to Wikipedia
Sample letters for violations of Wikipedia's licence (GFDL)

New user greetings

Standard user greeting
Welcome templates
fa:راهنما:فهرست/منابع و سیاهه‌ها

Help:Contents/Resources and lists

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