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The Hearst Corporation is a large privately held American-based media conglomerate based in the Hearst Tower in New York City, USA. Founded by William Randolph Hearst as an owner of newspapers, the company's holdings now include a wide variety of media. The Hearst family is involved in the ownership and management of the company.


[edit] Trustees of William Randolph Hearst's will (2003)

Under William Randolph Hearst's will, a common board of thirteen trustees--five family members and eight outsiders--administers the Hearst Foundation, the William Randolph Hearst Foundation, and the trust that owns (and selects the 21-member board of) the Hearst Corporation. The foundations shared ownership until tax law changed to prevent this. The present trustees are:

  • George Randolph Hearst Jr., chairman of Hearst Corporation and president of the Hearst Foundation
  • Victor F. Ganzi, president and chief executive officer of the Corporation
  • Frank A. Bennack Jr., vice chairman and longtime former president and chief executive of the Corporation
  • William Randolph Hearst III, president of the William Randolph Hearst Foundation
  • John Randolph Hearst Jr., an officer and director of the corporation
  • Virginia Hearst Randt, daughter of late former chairman Randolph Apperson Hearst
  • Anissa Bouadjakdji Balson, granddaughter of David Whitmire Hearst Sr.
  • Richard E. Deems, former head of Hearst Magazines, now a consultant
  • Gilbert C. Maurer, succeeded Deems as head of Hearst Magazines, then preceded Ganzi as executive vice president and chief operating officer under Bennack, now a consultant
  • Raymond J. Petersen, longtime executive vice president of Hearst Magazines, retains title but largely inactive. Member of the Advertising Hall of Fame.
  • Mark F. Miller, executive vice president of Hearst Magazines (retiring late 2005)
  • John G. Conomikes, vice president of Corporation, oversees broadcast interests
  • Harvey L. Lipton, lawyer and former vice president and Secretary of the Corporation

The trust dissolves when all grandchildren of William Randolph Hearst alive at his death have died.

[edit] Assets

Main article: List of assets owned by Hearst Corporation

A non-exhaustive list of its properties and investments includes:



Television and Cable (investments)

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