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Province du Haut-Uele
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(Provincial flag) (Provincial Seal)
Country Image:Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svgDemocratic Republic of the Congo
Capital Isiro
Largest city
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Land area¹ km²
Governor [[]]


(est. )

Demonym Haut-Uelais
Official Website [ Province du Haut-Uele]
Territorial Organisation - Cities

[edit] Pronunciation
  • "oh tu WELL lay"
  • (IPA) /o tu 'e 'le/

Haut-Uele Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the provinces planned by the May 2005 constitution. It is part of the current Orientale Province. Its capital will be Isiro, the largest city in the area.

The province gets its new name (which, in French, means "upper Uele") from the Uele, the major river that runs through it.

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