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Labarna II was the first king of the Hittite empire, reigning in Hattusa (while the earlier kings had been at Neša), and taking the throne name of Hattusili I on that occasion. He reigned ca. 1650–1620 BC (middle chronology).

He is the earliest Hittite ruler for whom contemporary records have been found. In addition to "King of Hattusas", he took the title "Man of Kushara", a reference to the prehistoric capital and home of the Hittites, before they had occupied Neša. A cuneiform tablet found in 1957 written in both the Hittite and the Akkadian language provides details of six years of his reign.

In it, he claims to have extended Hittite domain to the sea, and in the second year, to have subdued Alalakh and other cities in Syria. In the third year, he campaigned against Arzawa in western Anatolia, then returned to Syria to spend the next three years retaking his former conquests from the Hurrians, who had occupied them in his absence.

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Preceded by:
Labarnas I
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Mursili I
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Hattusili I

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