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A guyed mast is a mast that receives support from guy lines. See List of masts for examples of guyed mast structures. Most guyed masts are used as transmission towers, either by supporting aerials (for VHF and UHF) on the top, or by using the entire structure as an antenna (for VLF, LF, MF and HF). They can also be used to support all types of wire aerials (for VLF, LF, MF and HF). In latter cases, the entire structure often needs to be insulated against ground.

More about technical details on guyed masts for transmission purposes, on radio masts and towers and guy wire.

Guyed masts can also be used as the tops of free standing towers. A famous tower of this type is the Gerbrandy Toren.

Guyed masts are sometimes also used for meteorological measurements at certain heights above ground level. Sometimes they are used as pylons, although their usage in agricultural areas is problematic because anchor foundations handicaps ploughing. A very special use is the BREN Tower.

Guyed mast

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