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The royal crown of King Otto of Greece
When Otto of Bavaria became the first King of Greece (actually his official, more 'democratical' title was King of the Hellenes, as consistently used by his successors) in 1832 when the great European powers forced the militarily chased Ottoman empire to formally accept its independence, he brought with him from Bavaria some of his ancestral Wittelsbach dynasty crown jewels, a crown, orb and sceptre which he declared to be the Crown Jewels of Greece.

However when he was overthrown in a coup in 1862 and fled, he brought "his" jewels back with him to Bavaria.

In 1959, the then Duke of Bavaria presented the Greek Crown Jewels (also called the Greek Regalia) back to King Paul of Greece. Greek monarchs since Otto had not been crowned. Indeed the concept of a coronation had no parallel in the Greek Orthodox Church. Nevertheless the Crown Jewels of Otto were accepted and remain in Greece.

[edit] References

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Greek Crown Jewels

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