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Hillegonda Francisca Maria "Gonny" van Oudenallen (born Amsterdam, January 31, 1957) is a Dutch politician. She became a member of the Dutch House of Representatives in 2006, where she sits as a one-person faction.

Van Oudenallen started her professional career as a stewardess for KLM and Martinair. In 1995, she became locally known in Amsterdam for her activism against the city's parking authority. She entered the municipal council of Amsterdam for the political party Mokum Mobiel (Mobile Mokum) in 1998, a party that targeted disgruntled car owners in the city.

In 2005, Van Oudenallen caused controversy when it became known that her party improperly used subsidies from the city in hiring Van Oudenallen's Dreams Come True marketing bureau. It later became known that other local parties were in violation as well; Mokum Mobiel had to repay almost 70,000 euro.<ref>"Voor 5 fracties is het dokken", Het Parool, 2005-09-27.</ref>

Van Oudenallen was also a candidate for the List Pim Fortuyn (LPF) in the 2003 Dutch elections, but failed to obtain a seat (Hilbrand Nawijn obtained more preferential votes). In June 2006, a seat in parliament became vacant though, because Margot Kraneveldt retired. The LPF did not want her in their faction, therefore Van Oudenallen sits as a one-person faction.

Her inaugaration however, happened just before the summer recess of the House, which means she is allowed severance pay for two years (instead of just a half year) after the next elections. She declared though that she would give away this money to charity (she will not return to parliament after the 2006 elections).

On October 24, 2006, van Oudenallen made headlines, because she failed to recognize health minister Hans Hoogervorst during the weekly question period in the House. Hoogervorst responded to her questions and even a notification of the Speaker of the House, Frans Weisglas, did not suffice to help her recognize the minister.<ref>"Kamerlid herkent minister Hoogervorst niet", Nu.nl, 2006-10-24.</ref>

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