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This article is about the novel and related plays and films. For other uses, see Gigi (disambiguation).

Gigi is a 1945 novel by the French writer Colette about a wealthy cultured man of fashion who discovers he is in love with a young Parisian girl being groomed for a career as a grande cocotte and eventually marries her.

It has been made into several plays and films:

The Broadway version of the play, adapted by Anita Loos, opened on November 24, 1951, starring little known actress Audrey Hepburn playing the lead character (the play ran for six months and led to Hepburn's American film debut in Roman Holiday). When the same play opened in the West End of London, Leslie Caron played the lead character and this helped to propel her as the star who would be selected for the 1958 movie version.

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