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A History of Russia by George Verdansky

George Vernadsky (1887-1973) (Russian: Георгий Вернадский) an American historian and an author of numerous books on Russian history. His father was Vladimir Vernadsky, professor of mineralogy and biochemisty at Moscow University and the first President of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

[edit] Biography

George Vernadsky was born in Moscow on August 20, 1887. He studied at Moscow State University until 1905. Due to the disturbances of the First Russian Revolution, he spent the next two years (1905-1907) in Germany, at the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg and the University of Berlin. From 1907 to 1910, he professed at Moscow State University. He resigned after the 1910 Kasso affair and moved to Saint Petersburg University where he taught for the next seven years, during which he was awarded the Master's degree for his dissertation on the effects of the European Enlightenment on Russia.

During the years of the Russian Civil War (1917-1920), he lectured for a year in Perm. He then taught in Kiev and then he taught for two years at the University of Taurida in Simferopol. After the fall of Crimea to the Bolsheviks in 1920, he first moved to Athens. Then, in 1921, he moved to Prague, professing there until 1925 at the Russian School of Law. There, in association with N.S. Trubetskoi and P.N. Savitsky, he participated in formulating the Eurasian Theory of Russian historiography.

In 1927, George Vernadsky was offered a position at Yale University in the United States. At Yale, he first served as a research associate in history (1927-1946), and then became a full professor of Russian history in 1946. He served that post until his retirment in 1956. He died in New Haven on June 20, 1973.

[edit] Bibliography

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[edit] References

ru:Вернадский, Георгий Владимирович

George Vernadsky

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