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Geoffrey Wallis Steuart Barrow DLitt FBA FRSE is a British historian and academic, born at Headingley in Leeds. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Edinburgh, and arguably the most prominent Scottish medievalist of the last century. He began his work by studying the nature of feudalism in Anglo-Norman Britain, but moved on to specialize more thoroughly on Scottish feudalism. His work has tended to focus on Normanization in High Medieval Scotland, as well as some aspects of native continuity, especially in reference to governmental institutions. His pioneering historical research continues to be an invaluable legacy to the field.

[edit] Publications

This is a short list with some of Barrow's most notable publications:

[edit] Books

  • Feudal Britain, (London, 1956).
  • Robert Bruce and the Community of the Realm of Scotland, (Edinburgh, 1965; 3rd edn., 1988).
  • The Kingdom of the Scots, (London, 1973), a collection of his scholarly articles.
  • Editor of The Scottish Tradition, (Edinburgh, 1974).
  • The Anglo-Norman Era in Scottish History, (Oxford, 1980).
  • Kingship and Unity: Scotland, 1000-1306, (London, 1981).
  • Scotland and its Neighbours in the Middle Ages, (London, 1992) - another collection of his scholarly articles.

[edit] Editions of texts

  • Editor of Acts of Malcolm IV, 1153-1165, (Edinburgh, 1960) - Regesta Regum Scottorum, vol. i.
  • Co-editor (with W.W. Scott) of Acts of William I, 1165-1214 (Edinburgh, 1971)-Regesta Regum Scottorum, vol. ii.
  • Editor of The Charters of King David I, (Woodbridge, 1999).

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