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Freek de Jonge (born 30 August 1944) is a Dutch cabaret performer.

He was born in the village Westernieland as son of a pastor. His family moved to Workum, and later to Zaandam and Goes. At age 11, Freek had his first performance on stage. After barely making it through high school, he studied cultural anthropology in Amsterdam. During his studies he met Bram Vermeulen and Johan Gertenbach, and they formed a group of comedy performers, Neerlands Hoop.

In 1979, Neerlands Hoop split up and Freek de Jonge started his solo career.

Besides performing in Cabaret, Freek de Jonge has written the novels Zaansch Veem (1987), Neerlands Bloed (1991) and Opa's Wijsvinger (1993). He has been presentator on some television shows and directed two films: De Illusionist (1983) and De Komediant (1986). He also wrote a hip hop song with Dutch rapper, Brainpower.

In 2004, he performed for the Dutch troops in Iraq.

Freek de Jonge is married to Hella Asser and they have two children.

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