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The official Flag of the City of New York is designed to bear the same colors (orange, white, and blue) as the flag of the United Netherlands used in 1625, the year New Amsterdam was settled on the island of Manhattan. Located in the center is a blue print of the official Seal of New York City.

The symbols in the seal are interpreted as follows:

  • Eagle - the symbol of New York State.
  • Indian - represents the Native Americans who preceded the Europeans.
  • Sailor - represents the settlement of the area.
  • Beaver - represents the Dutch West India Company, the first company in the city.
  • Windmill, Barrel and Flower - represent early industry.
  • 1625 - the year in which Manhattan Island was established by the Dutch.

The Mayor of New York City’s office has its own official flag as well, which is the same design with an added five-pointed star (representing each of the five boroughs) in blue.

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