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The First Minister (Prìomh Mhinistear in Scottish Gaelic; First Meinister in Scots) is the leader of Scotland's national devolved government, the Scottish Executive, which was established in 1999 along with the devolved Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish Executive is led by the First Minister who is nominated by the Scottish Parliament and appointed by the Queen. The First Minister may then nominate ministers along with a Lord Advocate and Solicitor General to form the Scottish Executive, but only with the support of the Scottish Parliament.

The First Minister is responsible to the Scottish Parliament for his/her actions and the actions of the executive. This happens by means of written questions or through the weekly session of questions to the First Minister. This happens on a Thursday afternoon.

The First Minister is paid £123,161 which includes his allowance as an MSP of £50,300.

Bute House in Edinburgh's Charlotte Square is the official residence of the First Minister.

The First Minister is Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland, and his place in the order of precedence in Scotland is determined by that office.

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