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The Finance Minister of Pakistan heads the Ministry of Finance. He serves in the cabinet of the Prime Minister. The Minister is required to be a member of Parliament.

[edit] List of Finance Ministers

  • Muhammad Shoaib served in the presidential cabinet of President Field Marshal Ayub Khan from December 15, 1962 - March 23, 1965.
  • M M Ahmad, Finance and Economic Advisor to President Yahya Khan. Prior to being appointed to the finance ministership, M M Ahmad held a number of senior positions, including secretary of commerce, secretary of finance, and deputy chairman of the Planning Commission.
  • Vice Admiral Syed Mohammed Ahsan served as Deputy Chief Martial Law Administrator and Minister of Finance under President and Chief Martial Law Administrator General Yahya Khan from April 5 1969 - August 3, 1969, when he was appointed as Governor of East Pakistan.
  • Nawaz Sharif Later became Prime Minister. Served as Finance Minister of the Punjab Government in the administration of Zia-ul-Haq.
  • Sartaj Aziz Serving in Nawaz Sharif's cabinet, he was Finance Minister twice, and has also served as the Foreign Minister.
  • Ishaq Dar Finance Minister in 1999 in Nawaz Sharif's cabinet, after Sartaj Aziz.
  • Shaukat Aziz Former Citibank VP. Finance Minister from October 1999 to present. Prime Minister from August 28, 2004 to present.

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Finance Minister of Pakistan

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