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The Federal Assembly of Russia (Russian: Федеральное Собрание, transliteration: Federalnoye Sobraniye or Federalnoje Sobranije) is the legislature of the Russian Federation, according to the Constitution of Russian Federation, 1993.

It consists of the State Duma, which is the lower house, and the Federation Council, which is the upper house. Both houses are located in Moscow.

The first post-Soviet Duma in 1993 is the Fifth Duma, following the first four of 1906-17.

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Capital: Moscow

State Duma | Federation Council of Russia


ja:ロシア連邦議会 nl:Federatieve Vergadering van Rusland ro:Adunarea Federal a Rusiei ru:Федеральное собрание РФ

Federal Assembly of Russia

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